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Configuring and Using Internet Mail

Click on the MAIL menu item. Then click on Read Mail.

You will either see an Internet Mail wizard screen or the Internet Mail main screen. IF the Internet mail wizard appears, enter the appropriate information. The SMTP server is mail.YourDomainName(.com/org), the mail server is pop.YourDomainName(.com/org), email address is username@YourDomainName(.com/org) (Please put your username in lower case letters.) POP3 account is your username. Do not add @YourDomainName(.com/org) to the end of this name! If you do NOT see the Internet mail wizard, from the Internet Mail main screen, press Mail, then click options.

Click on the Server tab, and add your username (email address) and YourDomainName(.com/org) in the appropriate boxes:

Click on Advanced Settings. Type in your username (email address) in the reply to box. Click OK.

Click on the Send and Receive button to check for new email messages. 

Click on New Message to create a message. Remember to click on Send and Receive to send the message.

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