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Installing and Setting Up Eudora Light



1. Download file to a directory.
2. Double-click on file once downloaded to begin installation.
3. Press Next to continue.
4. Read license and press Yes to continue.
5. Press Yes to accept the default directory of C:\Eudora.
6. Choose your O/S (Win95/NT or Win3.0) and press Next.
7. Press Next to copy files.
8. Choose Yes or No to view the readme file.


1. Open Eudora Light from the Start menu under Programs.
2. Decide if you want Eudora to be your default mail reader.
3. Once the program is open then go to Tools and choose Options.
4. Under Getting Started fill out the information as shown.
5. Fill out the information under Hosts as shown.
6. This information is the least you need to fill out in order to send and receive e-mail.
7. You can fine tune Eudora Light to meet your personal needs by reading the Help Files and making the appropriate settings.


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