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Using FTP to upload files


This section deals with using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload and download web files from your computer to a server and vice versa.

This FTP tutorial is designed for "WS_FTP". If you have a different FTP client, most of the naming conventions should be similar, but if you find it too difficult, just download a copy of "WS_FTP" using the Download Links below.

Please be sure to you have the proper "Tools" before we begin.

FTP Table of Contents

Instructions for FTP download of software

The following instructions are for current Internet users connected with an Online Service Provider who want to try services immediately. To access the Internet through you must have a World Wide Web browser and email software.  These instructions are for Windows 95 users who do not have a Web browser (like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) to easily download the necessary software.

For Windows 95 Users Only: 1. PRINT THIS PAGE (you will need these instructions later)
2. Using your service provider, link to to automatically setup a 30 day unconditional guarantee and download a preconfigured Internet dialer. Further instructions are at this address.
3. Disconnect (log off) from your current provider.
4. Press Start, select Programs, select Accessories then select Dial-Up Networking.
5. Double-Click the icon and establish a connection to using the Username and Password selected during #2 above.
6. Following a successful connection, press Start, select Programs then select MS-DOS Prompt.
7. At the prompt, type "" then press enter.
8. At the "User" prompt, type "anonymous". At the "Password" prompt, press enter (no entry).
9. At the "ftp>" prompt, type "lcd c:\" then press enter.
10. At the "ftp>" prompt, type "!mkdir c:\install" then press enter.
11. At the "ftp>" prompt, type "lcd install" then press enter.
12. At the "ftp>" prompt, type "hash" then press enter.
13. At the "ftp>" prompt, type "get /msie30/msie301r.exe" then press enter.
-This will start the process of downloading the Microsoft Explorer 3.0 Web browser with email and news reader software. The "#" will scroll down the screen until the download is complete (about an hour with a 14.4 modem). After download complete indicated, continue.
14. At the "ftp>" prompt, type "quit" then press enter.
15. At the prompt type "cd \install" then press enter.
16. At the prompt type "msie301r.exe" then press enter.
17. Follow the on screen instructions for installing Microsoft Internet Explorer.
18. Following successful installation the Internet may be accessed using Explorer if connection with is maintained throughout installation. If connection is broken see #5. Above to reconnect.

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