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 Corporate Overview

CreditUnionHosting.com has brought a total new approach to a subject thought about by many and mastered by none. Combining our advertising company Premiere Media Group with our state of the art film and digital video studio, Y3K2, and joining efforts with TheSoftwareWizards we set out on a mission to find a way to not only offer the technical and software help  that is the engine of the internet, but to also shape the mind set of the next  generation of sales tools in the new age.

These tools we compare to the days when the warriors who had the strongest steel often won the battle. If you don't think you are in a battle my friend, then think again about having 2 million businesses coming to your hometown to grab a piece of the rock.... Your rock.

We approached the marketability side of our project and our "client's to be" right from the start. Let's face it, we want our client's to make it and that in turn will increase our chances of success too.  How do you stand out in a soon to be very crowded marketplace?  

Where do you find "The Power To Be Recognized" ?

n these pages we will guide you through the maze of trap doors and gimmicks.
We'll not only point out the pitfalls of the digital economy but the transformation of the "dual economy" also.

We'll show off our turbo=charge software   "Americas FavoriteSoftware"  that will make climbing Ecommerce mountains an enjoyable and profitable experience.

The digital tide that is sweeping through our worlds will have no mercy on those that choose to ignore it. With or without you we are headed for a great adventure..
We hope you'll be along for the ride.................... Surf's Up ..........
to be continued...